Current Fundraising Project

This is the logo specifically designed for the Kashgar to Karachi trip. The logo features an able-bodied cyclist right next to a disabled hand-biker. Both can go far together as a team!

Inclusivity Rides

Introduced by the Ajmal Samuel Foundation (ASF), these rides are conceptualised to be all-embracing. Irrespective of physical ability, age, athletic prowess, or background, every individual is welcomed into this initiative.

ASF is on the lookout for wide-ranging partnerships: spanning sports organisations, cycling clubs, non-governmental organisations, hospitals, rehabilitation centers, educational institutions, the media and of course, corporates. We will also be looking for sponsorship and would encourage companies to encourage their employees to join in these rides as part of their own ESG and CSR principles with a financial ‘buy-in’ that can help with costs and fund raise. 

Additionally, ASF is prepping to chronicle all of Ajmal’s sporting endeavours. A photo documentation is anticipated to roll out by Q1 2024, offering yet another avenue to amplify fundraising endeavours for the foundation.

Get-Involved …

Be part of a team. Cycle together, make an impact together.

ASF wishes to make a positive impact locally and globally especially inclusivity of the disabled. To do so, via our signature events, the ASF will fundraise for chosen beneficiaries. Come join as our ambassador, sweat on your bike and raise funds for our beneficiaries. Join our Strava “Team Inclusivity Rides”, train and challenge each other to cycle further. Follow our Facebook to keep up with the team’s efforts!

ASF will do the hard work while you help us raise funds for the carefully chosen beneficiary of 2023: Resolve is a s88 charity founded in 2017 that helps create change makers in our community to drive a more inclusive city. Our signature program is a Fellowship that has so far supported over 70 emerging community leaders from diverse walks of life. There have been five cohorts of the fellowship on racial equality, ending gender-based violence, disABILITIES and empowerment, wellbeing and health and (E)quality Education for all.


cycling at the Kashgar to Karachi Event and group photo

About ASF.

After a road accident that rendered him a paraplegic at 21 while serving in the Pakistan Armed Forces, Ajmal Samuel was told by doctors that he would be lucky to sit up straight up again and to forget dreams of an active and sporting lifestyle.

Confined to a wheelchair and struggling to be optimistic about his future, it was the support and love of family, friends and doctors that motived him to not give up. Slowly and painfully and through hard work and determination, Ajmal began to re-shape his life. First came professional transformation rising from a backroom computer repair tech to become the Founder and CEO of his own financial technology business. Later, he pushed hard to become a national level endurance athlete, becoming fit and healthy, specialising in rowing, handcycling and triathlons.

Ultimately, what is most fulfilling to Ajmal is to be a role model to others: giving others the confidence to pursue their dreams, professional or personal. For him, his wheelchair isn’t a necessity to replace his legs; it’s the vehicle to roll down the runway to take off into blue skies. He hopes to help others to take off with the support of their family, friends and community.


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