About Ajmal Samuel Foundation

The Ajmal Samuel Foundation (ASF) was established to make a positive impact, to create a world in which all people can use sporting endeavours to achieve their goals and secure a deep sense of pride, accomplishment and confidence. ASF wishes to encourage inclusivity among all – able bodied and disabled; professional and amateur; young and old – to pursue physical and emotional well-being for healthy living. For now, ASF will fundraise for worthy charities with similar mission and values while offering its services through partner organisations.

This is a pictorial illustration of AJ's journey from an abled bodied solider serving in the Pakistan army to his accident. Picture by picture, AJ's perseverance is seen from his gradual recovery to his success in business as well as in sports. Finally, we can see AJ featured in many inspirational events sharing his message of inspiration and spirit of never giving up.

About The Founder

After a road accident, while serving in the Pakistan Armed Forces, rendered him a paraplegic at the age of 21, Ajmal Samuel believed that that was the end of an active and sporting lifestyle. Confined to a wheelchair and struggling to be optimistic about the future, it was the support and love of family, friends and doctors that motived him to not give up. Slowly and painfully, Ajmal began the long road back to recovery. 

With hard work and determination, Ajmal re-shaped his life. First, he did so professionally: he can now take pride that he is the Founder and CEO of his own financial technology business; and next, focusing on his fitness and health, he now happily calls himself a national level endurance athlete, particularly in rowing, handcycling and triathlons. What makes Ajmal the happiest is to be seen as a role model to others: imparting confidence and inspiration to others, where even a wheel chair is not a hinderance in pursuing dreams, professional or personal.

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