The Ajmal Samuel Foundation (ASF) has been established as a charitable foundation with the mission, vision and services detailed below.

In 2022, the ASF will be fundraising for the Direction Association for the Handicapped (DAH) 路向四肢傷殘人士協會 whose mission & values of the foundation are in sync with ASF. The DAH is a group of people with severe physical impairment who banded together since 1986 promoting the spirit of “Mutual-help and Self-help”. As a team, they supports the integration of members back to the community so that they can live in the community with happiness and confidence. The DAH is recognised and supported by groups such as the Kadoorie Charitable Foundation, CLP Group, HKMA, and the Macau Caritas to name a few.


To encourage inclusivity among all – able bodied and disabled: professional and amateur; young and old – to pursue physical and emotional well-being for healthy living. The people touched by our efforts will take action through sport to improve their lives and the lives of those around them.


To make a positive impact, to create a world in which all people can use sporting endeavours to achieve their goals and secure a deep sense of pride, accomplishment and confidence. The accumulative positivity is a catalyst for all parties to achieve self-actualizing goals which promote a sense of pride, accomplishment and self-satisfaction.


Our future services include training, coaching and outreach programs at

  • Schools
  • Centres of disabilities
  • Community centres and
  • Sporting clubs

We will work with partners including:

  • Key individuals
  • Public institutions and
  • Private sector organizations.
AJ Stopping for a photograph with one of the local tribal cyclists in inner Mongolia

Our 2022 Inclusivity Fundraising Journey : Kashgar to Karachi

This month-long fundraising effort includes a core team of two hand-bikers and two able-bodied cyclists, assisting and supporting each other to overcome a journey of 3,000km from China to Pakistan through mountains, plains and deserts. Throughout the journey, the team will:

  • hold workshops with disabled people’s associations and various hospitals and rehabilitation centres
  • provide motivational talks for public and private sector organisations, as well as educational institutions
  • promote sports for disable people, particularly in
    • hand cycling experiential workshops
    • para-rowing experiential workshops (Rawalpindi)
    • marathon & wheelchair racing training sessions
    • scuba diving for the physically challenged (Karachi)

Come join us and fundraise with us through this journey! Become an ambassador by joining our Strava “Team K2K” and then following our Facebook! Through these efforts, the team hopes to raise funds for the 2022 beneficiaries of the ASF!

Coaching and Outreach

Our volunteers and coaches will host numerous pre-planned seminars and workshops along the 3,000km journey of K2K. There will also be live location events in our local bases of Hong Kong and Pakistan.  Actively reaching out to relevant groups, our team will share the hardships they have endured and overcome by delivering inspirational speeches and practical workshops.

Josh from Kranking Thru China showing the utility of air cushions for daily wheelchair use
During one of the stops in AJ's Krankin' Thru China trip fundraising for a charity in China, some of the disabled locals had the golden opportunity to try out AJ's hand-bike.

Activity Inclusiveness

Disability does not dictate a sedentary lifestyle. In this day and age, many inventions allow paraplegics to enjoy activities just like any able-bodied adult. Our team cannot wait to introduce such means to enable both the abled and the disabled community to get physical together!

Community: Practical and Spiritual 

Gear trouble? Spiritual Support? Seeking know-how? We hope to host a 24/7 online chat system, where staff, volunteers & experts alike can check in to answer your questions. Based on our experience, we will provide responses to any advice sought ourselves or through our network of international experts and friendly community members!

Group photo of the Kranking thru China team in Tang Shan Rehab Centre together with the pressure specialist doctor from Nanjing university hospital

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