Inclusivity Rides

As the name suggests, these are rides that are inclusive, which will encourage the disabled, able-bodied, young, not-so-young, fit, not-so-fit and peoples of different cultures, languages and traditions to join in person or virtually, as we travel through different parts of the world. 

All these rides will serve four main purposes:

  1. Fundraising for organization locally in each country and in Hong Kong.
  2. Advocacy for physical health and fitness, as well as emotional and mental wellbeing.
  3. Raising awareness on the potential of the disabled.
  4. Building networks between partners around the world to promote diversity and inclusivity in a practical way.

As we prepare for each ride, we will seek partnerships through sports organizations (for the disabled and able-bodied), cycling clubs, non-governmental organizations, hospitals, rehabilitation centers, educational institutions, the media and of course, corporates. We will also be looking for sponsorship and would encourage companies to encourage their employees to join in these rides as part of their own ESG and CSR principles with a financial ‘buy-in’ that can help with costs and fund raise. What we will also be doing is chronicling all my sporting activities, even those beyond the scope of the Inclusivity Rides through photo documentation, which hopefully will be published by the first quarter of 2024. This is another way that we can perhaps raise funds for the Foundation.

Come join us through this journey. Be our ambassador, join our Strava “Team Inclusivity Rides”, 
follow our Facebook! Through these efforts, the team hopes to raise funds for the 2023 beneficiaries of the ASF!


Discover the Route

Discover the Route


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