This month-long fundraising effort includes a core team of two hand-bikers and two able-bodied cyclists, assisting and supporting each other to overcome a journey of 3000km from China to Pakistan through mountains, plains and deserts. Throughout the journey, the team will: 

  • hold workshops with disabled people’s associations and various hospitals and rehabilitation centres
  • provide motivational talks for public and private sectors, as well as educational institutions
  • promote sports for disable people, particularly in
    • hand cycling, para-rowing (Rawalpindi), scuba diving (Karachi)
    • marathon & wheel chair race training

Come join us through this journey. Be our ambassador, join our Strava “Team K2K”, follow our Facebook! Through these efforts, the team hopes to raise funds for the 2022 beneficiaries of the ASF!


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Discover the Route


Our Team

Aj close up

Ajmal Samuel

Ajmal Samuel is an extreme adventurer and a well-established endurance athlete. He is actively involved in social and sports activism and advocating for disabled rights. He has taken on numerous challenges including: being the first disabled person to participate as a team member and finish the grueling Around the Hong Kong Island Race (ATIR) in… Continue reading Ajmal Samuel

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our team member photo

Liu Ronghua

In 2013 while working at a factory, Liu Ronghua heard the song ‘My Bike Takes me to Tibet’ on the radio. A curious person by nature, he was looking for a new direction in life and hearing that song gave cycling a new meaning for him. He was lucky to meet a group of new… Continue reading Liu Ronghua

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Joshua Dominick

Joshua first came to China in 1998 and has been living and working in Beijing for nearly 20 years, as a translator. After experiencing and benefiting from the many economic and social changes in China over the years, Joshua is committed to giving back. In 2013 Joshua had a chance meeting with adaptive athlete Domonic… Continue reading Joshua Dominick

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Wang Yan

Wang Yan is a native of Beijing, where, as he says, he had an ordinary childhood and led an ordinary life, until one day in 2011 when he came across the sport of cycling. Time flew by and without realizing it he now realizes he has been riding for nearly a decade. In 2013, he… Continue reading Wang Yan

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