Kashgar2Karachi Rescheduled

The banner shows the broad expanse of space which the K2K team will cycle through. Kashgar is actually high up in the Himalayas and most of the landscape there is barren. Most of the year, snow exists in the area!

Dear friends, supporters and well-wishers,

After extensive deliberation and after having discussed with various stake holders we have to announce that the Kashgar 2 Karachi https://www.kashgar2karachi.com hand bike ride starting in August 2020 and covering almost 3,000km has been rescheduled to next year (2021) because of the COVID 19 situation in Pakistan.

This project remains well, alive and supported. In due course we will be announcing the new schedule – please stay tuned.

Thank you for the enthusiasm, support and love shown by everyone.


Ajmal Samuel

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