Our Team

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Ajmal Samuel

Ajmal Samuel is an extreme adventurer and a well-established endurance athlete. He is actively involved in social and sports activism and advocating for disabled rights.

He has taken on numerous challenges including: being the first disabled person to participate as a team member and finish the grueling Around the Hong Kong Island Race (ATIR) in 2017; Hand cycling from Beijing to Mohe (Chinese border with Russia) a total distance of 2,615Km in 37 days to raise awareness for disabled sports in China and Hong Kong and to raise funds for the education of needy children in Hong Kong in 2019; and to be a part of the first and only all disabled doubles crew to participate and finish the ATIR also in 2019.

When he is not taking on challenges or representing Hong Kong in Single Sculls, he is busy running OCTO3 Group Holdings, a Fin Tech company based in Hong Kong. Ajmal also finds time to give back to the community by serving on different educational, sports and NGO committees and boards.

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Liu Ronghua

In 2013 while working at a factory, Liu Ronghua heard the song ‘My Bike Takes me to Tibet’ on the radio. A curious person by nature, he was looking for a new direction in life and hearing that song gave cycling a new meaning for him. He was lucky to meet a group of new friends who took him on his first ride to Tibet. Later that year, he rode solo from Dongguan to his hometown in Jiangsu Province, a distance of 480km. Between 2014 and 2017, he cycled locally in cities near his adopted city of Dongguan, going no farther than 80km. In recent years, responsibilities because of family and work have kept him from getting outdoors – mainly doing morning runs, hiking on the weekends, walking his dog and fishing.

Joshua Dominick

Joshua first came to China in 1998 and has been living and working in Beijing for nearly 20 years, as a translator. After experiencing and benefiting from the many economic and social changes in China over the years, Joshua is committed to giving back. In 2013 Joshua had a chance meeting with adaptive athlete Domonic Corradin and they came up with the idea of sharing concepts and equipment from the US with the disabled community in China. As a result, Krankin’ thru China was born. Krankin’ thru China is a movement to bring the sport of handcycling to China and with it a more active, healthier lifestyle for people with disabilities. Starting with handcycling, Joshua and his China based team have continued to explore a range of adaptive sports including swimming, rock climbing, surfing and paragliding with more to come!

Wang Yan

Wang Yan is a native of Beijing, where, as he says, he had an ordinary childhood and led an ordinary life, until one day in 2011 when he came across the sport of cycling. Time flew by and without realizing it he now realizes he has been riding for nearly a decade.

In 2013, he took on the challenge to ride to Tibet, experiencing for the first time in his life the majesty of the nature. After reaching the top of those legendary snowcapped peaks, life took on a different perspective, with the realization of how small he really was. In 2019, he joined the Krankin’ thru China team, biking from Beijing to Mohe, China’s northernmost point.