The Ajmal Samuel Foundation (ASF) will fund raise to support charitable works aligning with the mission and values of the foundation. Where possible, the ASF will organise activities with service partners to promote inclusive wellbeing and health by offering training programs, coaching and outreach activities for education and advocacy. Service partners will include schools and centers for those with different types of disabilities; educational institutions; community centers; and sporting clubs. Not only so, ASF will partner with key individuals, public institutions and private sector organisations to promote diversity and inclusion.

Upon maturity, the ASF hopes to provide services independently assisting the disabled community.

Coaching and Outreach

Our volunteers and coaches will host numerous pre-planned seminars and workshops along the journey of ASF signature events – K2K for 2022. There will also be HQ location events in our local bases of Hong Kong and Pakistan. Actively reaching out to relevant groups, our team will share the hardships they have endured and overcome by delivering inspirational speeches and practical workshops.

Activity Inclusiveness

Disability does not dictate a sedentary lifestyle. In this day and age, many inventions allow paraplegics to enjoy activities just like any able-bodied adult. Our team cannot wait to introduce such means to enable both the abled and the disabled community to get physical together!

Community: Practical & Spiritual

Gear trouble? Spiritual Support? Seeking know-how? We hope to host a 24/7 online chat system, where staff, volunteers & experts alike can check in to answer your questions. Based on our experience, we will provide responses to any advice sought ourselves or through our network of international experts and friendly community members.

Our Sponsors / Partners